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Art Carpets

The passion we feel for design translates into creating meaningful and beautiful designs.

Each bespoke carpet we make is a unique work of art, but one with added value in its functionality.

Lush carpets handmade in Nepal employing the very best tibetan wool, silk and cashemere.

Bold designs come together in a wonderland of patterns fused with a vibrant color palette that merge touch and feel simultaneously.

We blend, mix, juxtapose and empower our designs as forms of art.

Julia Tonconogy Pfeiffer

Creative Director / Founder

JT.Pfeiffer is the outcome of a lifetime experience engaged in the Design World, involving creative direction, interior design and visual communication.

Her passion for design started to grow naturally from a very young age, coming from a family that has been dedicated to architecture for almost a Century, design was part of he ever day life. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, she lived and worked in New York and Miami for many years, which were crucial in her professional growth.

Julia´s work includes collaborations and commissions with renowned brands and large-scale projects such as hotels, residential and commercial buildings, interior design for private residences, public areas, along with product, furniture, and graphic design, as well as brand identity for numerous clients.

As a passionate soul, she enjoys challenging perceptions of people and places transcending through design, in a world of colors, textures, and shapes that feel alive.

“I conceive art and design as a journey, an experience within a process. Ideas and ideals that emerge from the soul; my escence.
Instinct drives the creativity as I  enjoy challeging perceptions of people and places transcending through art, textiles and carpets.”

Julia Tonconogy Pfeiffer

Ethical Crafts

Goodweave Foundation

We are committed to creating ethical rugs and working towards a better future for the industry and carpet weaving families across the globe.

JT.Pfeiffer is a full member of Goodweave, Each one of our rugs comes with a certified label in the back, being the best assurance that no child was exploited to make a rug and that other sustainable production practices were used.

Goodweave works to end child labor in the carpet industry and offer educational opportunities to children in weaving communities in India, Nepal and Afghanistan. It is the only organization working in carpet communities that rescues children from labor and provides them long-term support, and that offers participating companies third-party assurance of transparency, confidentiality and internationally accepted verification systems.